Seven Point Mind Training






I prostrate to great compassion,
This instruction, which is the Essence of the Nectar of Immortality
Is transmitted from the master from Sumatra (Ser-ling-pa).


Revealing the features of the doctrine to engender respect for the instruction.


Like a diamond, the sun and a medicinal tree.

Should the text's meaning be understood.

It transforms the rise of the five degenerations

Into the path that leads to enlightenment.




The Actual Instruction for guiding the disciples given in seven points.


1. Explaining the preliminaries as a basis for the practice.


First, train in the preliminaries.



2. The actual practice, training in the awakening mind.


     A)   How to train in the ultimate awakening mind

    B)    How to train in the ultimate conventional mind


2 b).  How to train the ultimate conventional mind


All blame rests with one,

Meditate on the great kindness of all beings.

Cultivate alternately the two of Giving and Taking

Practice Taking gradually, starting with yourself.

Let these two practices ride on your breath.

There are three objects, three poisons, and three virtue-roots.

An abbreviated instruction for the period of meditation

Is to remind yourself of the practice by reciting the words during
all your activities.



2 a).  How to train the ultimate awakening mind


When you have gained mastery, the secret teaching:

practice the secret instruction.

View all things as being dreamlike. 

Analyze the nature of unborn awareness.

The antidote itself is released right where it is.

Place the mind in the all-encompassing essence of the path. 

Between meditation periods, view beings as illusory.



3. Transforming adverse circumstances into the path of enlightenment.


When the environment and its inhabitants overflow with unwholesomeness,

Transform adverse circumstances into the path to enlightenment.

Apply meditation immediately at every opportunity,

The supreme method is accompanied by the four practices.  


4. The integrated practice of a single lifetime.


Briefly,  the essence of the instruction

Is to devote yourself to the five strengths.

The Mahayana transference instruction

Is to practice the same five strengths and

To give special importance to your physical position.



5. How to determine whether you have mastered Mind Training.


All Dharma teachings are based on one underlying thought.

Pay attention to the more important of the two witnesses.

Always keep a happy mind.

The measure of mastery is that self-cherishing has been turned back.

There are five great signs of having trained.

If you can practice even when distracted, your have gained mastery.




6. The commitments (pledges) of mind training


1.   Always train in the three general principles.

2.   Change your aspiration but remain natural.

3.   Don't speak about the faults of others.

4 .  Do not be concerned with others' business.   

5.   Remove your worst mental affliction first.

6.   Give up all hope of achieving results.

7.   Avoid poisonous food

8.   Don't be patient [with your mental afflictions].

9.   Don't engage in bitter quarreling.

10.  Do not wait along a back alley.

11.  Do not strike at a vital point.

12.  Do not displace a dzo's load onto an ox.

13.  Do not practice wrongly as if doing worldly rituals.

14.  Do not try to be the fastest.

15.  Do not turn a god into a demon.

16.  Do not seek others' misery as a way to be happy.



7. The precepts to be observed by practitioners of mind training


1.   Do all yoga practices with one thought.

2.   Respond with one antidote when overwhelmed by obstacles.

3.   There are two activities: one for the beginning and one for the end.

4.   Be patient no matter which of the two you encounter.

5.   Protect the two even at the cost of your life.

6.   Train in the three difficulties.

7.   Take up the three principal causes.

8.   Practice to keep the three undamaged.

9.   Never be parted from the three activities.  

10.  Train yourself to be impartial.

11.  Most important is to practice toward all beings from the
depths of your heart.

12.  Constantly train in relation to special objects.

13.  Do not depend on other conditions.

14.  Practice now what is most important.

15.  Do not do the mistaken activities.

16.  Do not practice sporadically.

17.  Train in a way that cuts through indecision.

18.  Free yourself using investigation and analysis.

19.  Do not be conceited.

20.  Do not be resentful.

21.  Do not be fickle.

22.  Do not hope for gratitude.



The teachings are concluded with a verse expressing the satisfaction that is gained by having attained bohichitta: 


“Motivated by the great wish,
I've ignored suffering and criticism
To be able to receive instructions
That overcome belief in a self.
Now I am ready to die without regrets.”



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