Chapter Five:  Bodhisattva Deeds


Not a single movement of Buddhas
Is without reason; even their breathing
Is exclusively for
The benefit of sentient beings. [5.101]

Just as ordinary people are
Terrified by the worlds "Lord of Death"
So the words "Omniscient One"
Terrify the Lord of Death. [5.102]

A Subduer has [perception of] that
Which should and should not be done or said
What reason is there to say
That the Omniscient One is not all-knowing. [5.103]

Without intention, actions like going
Are not seen to have merit and so forth.
In all actions, therefore, the mind
Should be undersood as paramount.  [5.104]

In Bodhisattvas, through their intention,
All actions, virtuous and non-virtuous,
Become perfect virtue because
They are in control of their minds. [5.105]

The merit of Bodhisattvas with
The first intention far exceeds
That which make all beings on earth
Become universal monarchs.  [5.106]

Someone may build a precious
Reliquary, as high as the world
It is said training others to generate
The altruistic intention is more excellent. [5.107]

A spiritual guide who wishes to help
Must be attentive toward students.

They are called students because
Of not knowing what will benefit.  [5.108]

Just as a physician is not upset with
Someone who rages while possessed by a demon,
Subduers see disturbing emotions as
The enemy, not the person who has them. [5.109]

That for which someone has
Liking should first be assessed.
Those who are disinclined will not
Be vessels for the excellent teaching. [5.110]

Just as a mother is especially
Anxious about a sick child,
Bodhisattvas are especially
Compassionate toward the unwise. [5.111]

They become students of some
And become teachers of others,
Through skillful means and knowledge.
Giving understanding to those who do not understand. [5.112]

Just as for an experienced physician
A sickness that connot be cured is rare,
Once Bodhisattvas have found their strength
Those they cannot train are extremely few. [5.113]

If some within a Bodhisattva's sphere,
Lacking encouragement, go
To bad rebirths, that one will be
Critcized by others with intelligence. [5.114]

How can one unwilling to say
That compassion for the oppressed is good,
Later out of compassion
Give to the protectorless?  [5.115]

When those [beings] suffer loss
Who are indifferent toward
One who stays in the world to help transmigrators,
What doubt about those who are hostile? [5.116]

One who in all lives has the five
Super-knowledge [appears] as inferior.
With a nature like the inferior--
This is extremely hard to do.  [5.117]

The Tathagata said that the merit
Gathered constantly through skillful means
For a very long time is immeasurable
Even for the omniscient. [5.118]

The word "giving" indicates
Death, practice and other existences.
That is why the word "giving" always
Is of interest to Bodhisattvas. [5.119]

When one thinks that by giving gifts now
There will be a great result,
Receiving and giving are like trade
For profit, which will be criticized. [5.120]

For such a one, even previously
Performed ill deeds will have no [effect].
There is nothing one with virtue
Considers should not be accomplished. [5.121]

Even here nothing harms
One with a powerful mind, and thus
For such a one, wordly existence
And nirvana are no different. [5.122]

Why should anyone who takes birth
Through constant control of the mind
Not become a ruler
Of the entire world? [5.123]

Even in this world among excellent things
Some are seen to be most excellent.
Thus realize that cetainly also
Inconceivable power exists. [5.124]

Just as the ignorant feel afraid
Of the extremely profound teaching,
So the weak feel afraid
Of the marvelous teaching. [5.125]


Having considered the faults of cyclic existence well,
Enter this profound and extensive Great Vehicle
Of which those with poor intelligence feel afraid,
And make Bodhisattva deeds your quintessential practice.
This concludes the fifth chapter of the Four Hundread Stanzas on the Yogic Deeds, showing Bodhisattva's Deeds.

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