Geshe Sherap feed ducks at local park.


Liberating animals who are in imminent danger of losing their life, is considered very precious in the Mahayana tradition, as every sentient being, no matter how small, values their life more than anything else.

The animal liberation practice is based on the fundamental principle of non violence to that life. This practice emphasizes the aspiration to develop great compassion, wisdom and to dedicate one’s spiritual life for the welfare of all sentient beings. 

The animals are blessed with the recitation of the Avalokiteshvara Sadhana and many auspicious mantras during the  puja.


By blessing the animals, participants generate positive intention in their mind and further to the minds of the animals, increasing the likelihood of a future rebirth where they too can engage in spiritual practice and ultimately purify and perfect their minds.  By saving beings one directly benefits them by giving them precious life and those who save beings also receive immeasurable benefits by creating the positive karma to enjoy a longer life and to be free from illness.  Moreover, this practice is a common and vital practice for those who are sick or have heavy obstacles to their life.  


Geshe Tenzin Sherap says: “When you save a life, automatically you create the karma of a longer life, even if you don’t expect it. This practice can help practitioners who liberate the animals and be dedicated for those with life obstacles and to help them to obtain long and meaningful lives."  Through this practice, one can create positive karma and great compassion. 

You may make a request for a fish liberation by calling (909) 622-3297.








  Geshe Sherap releases anchovies from tank.


 Gocha Rinpoche and Geshe Sherap feed the ducks.

Geshe Sherap and students release fish from the tanks to extend their lives, create positive merit and increase the habit of concern for others.      
Geshe Sherap invites students to feed the ducks at a local park, as there is great merit in feeding the animals who are hungry.  
~May all sentient beings have happiness and its cause.
~May all sentient beings be freed from suffering and its cause.
~May all sentient beings never be separated from the happiness

    that is beyond all suffering.
~May all sentient beings abide in equanimity, free from attraction
   that holds some close and aversion that keeps others distant.