Arya Tara Statue at the LEW Center


For the layperson, the Arya Tara brings great protection and benefit. Many people recite the Tara Sadhana as a daily practice. The benefits of her practice are written directly in the 21 Praises of Tara sadhana. 


Eliminating the faults of body, you possess the signs and marks of enlightenment, Eliminating the faults of speech, the melody of the kalinga bird, Eliminating the faults of the mind, you know all that is to be known: May we have the good fortune of she who is radiant with the glory of good auspices.



2024 Arya Tara Puja Dates
Home Practice on Day 8th of the Tibetan Month

Tara Sadhana

01/18        02/17
03/17          04/16
05/15 05/16   06/14  
07/14      08/12
09/11          10/10