LEW Projects







Student's family names are placed in front of one of the 108 Medicine Buddha statues in the Medicine Buddha shrine for the daily dedications and blessings  offered by the center monks. Once a month, the Medicine Buddha Puja is recited on the third Sunday of the month.

During the annual Dedication Puja at the Tibetan Losar, the family names, living or deceased, life aspirations, new projects or the removal of obstacles are read and blessed after they have been placed on the shrine. 

Prayer requests are accepted throughout the year and will remian on the shrine for a full year, by using the above request link or e-mailing: friends@landofenlightenedwisdom.org


Suggested  Donations are:

Annually: $100/prayer request 

Lifetime: $500/prayer request.






After completing the filling of the lotus bases of the 108 Medicine Buddha statues for the Gompa Shrine, LEW began to receive requests from students to fill and consecrate their newly purchased statues. Thus began the Deity Statue Consecration project, where we assist others who have new statues. 

Newly purchased statues of a diety have an empty space in the lotus. The lotus space should be filled at the base with the correct mantras and precious substances appropriate for the deity. When it has been filled, it is then consecrated by a Lama.    You can contact the center at friends@landofenlightenedwisdom.org to make a request.





The Stupa of Enlightenment commemorates the defeat of Mara's forces by Buddha Shakyamuni as he meditated under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya, India. 

The Stupa of Enlightenment was erected at the Land of Enlightened Wisdom center in Pomona, California, on November 23, 2013 to bless the environment and all the sentient beings.

You can  learn more about the eight different types of Stupas, the symbolism and the benefit of the Stupa, how this Stupa was erected and learn about the Ancient Stupas.   

The Stupa of Enlightenment is available for the public to view and circumambulate. It is meant to be of benefit to all sentient beings. To ensure assess, please call the center at (909) 622-3297  to set up a time for your visit.




In October 2011, Land of Enlightened Wisdom commissioned Mr. Oshoe to build a three foot statue of Arya Tara for its shrine room.  He began working with clay and paper to create the statue of Arya Tara.  The sculpture is made of clay, in accordance with the traditional specifications, filled with religious scrolls brought from India.  

The Arya Tara statue created by the Master Tibetan Artist Kalsang Oshoe was completed on December 20, 2011 and placed in the shrine room at the Pomona center.