Eight Stupas Types

  In India, eight types of Stupas were designed to enshrine Buddha's relics. Each type of Stupa commerates a major event in the life of Buddha.   The list below gives the name of the Stupa, the location it represents, and the event in Buddha's life that took place at that location. A picture of each of the eight Stupas is below.  The Stupa of Enlightenment is at the Land of Enlightened Wisdom.  

The Stupa of Heaped Lotuses: Lumbini -  Birth Place of Buddha
The Stupa of Enlightenment: Bodhgaya - Defeat of Mara's forces under Bohi Tree
The Stupa of Many Gates: Sarnath -  Turning the First Wheel of Dharma
The Stupa of Miracles: Shravasti - Buddha Performs Miracles in Sky





   Turning of
the Wheel



The Stupa of Descent of God's Realm: Sankhya - Descent to Earth to Teach Mother
The Stupa of Reconciliation: Rajagriha - Reconciles quarreling Sangha at Bamboo Grove
The Stupa of Complete Victory: Vaishali - Buddha prolonged his life
The Stupa of Parinivana:  Kushinagar - Buddha's passing





from Heaven



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