Medicine Buddha Puja


 There are eight Medicine Buddhas whose qualities are praised during the puja:
1) Medicine Buddha Renowned Glorious King of Excellent Signs
2) Medicine Buddha King of Melodious Sound, Brilliant Radiance of Skill, Adorned with Jewels, Moon & Lotus 
3) Medicine Buddha Stainless Excellent Gold, Great Jewel Who Accomplishes All Vows

4) Medicine Buddha Supreme Glory Free from Sorrow

5) Medicine Buddha Melodious Ocean of Proclaimed Dharma
6) Medicine Buddha Delightful King of Clear Knowing, Supreme Wisdom of an Ocean of Dharma

7) Medicine Buddha Guru King of Lapis Light

8) Shakyamuni Buddha


The Medicine Buddha monthly practice is led by Geshe Tenzin Sherap and/or the monks at Land of Enlightened Wisdom. It is about 1 hour in length and is recited in English.
Download the Monthly Purification Request form to write your names and aspirations for dedications and bring to the puja. The requests are burned in a small incense fire after the puja.
The Third Sunday of the Month at 10:30am on: 
    1-21-18 2-18-18 3-18-18 4-15-18 5-20-18 6-17-18
    7-15-18 8-19-18 9-16-18 10-21-18 11-18-18 12-16-18
  If you are unable to attend the puja, you may send your prayer request for yourself or a loved one, via e-mail to