Stupa of Enlightenment



The Stupa of Enlightenment was erected at the Land of Enlightened Wisdom  center in Pomona, California, on November 23, 2013 to bless the environment and all the sentient beings.







The Stupa of Enlightenment commemorates the defeat of Mara's forces by Buddha Shakyamuni as he sat under a Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India.  The Buddha gave teachings to his students to help them defeat the afflictive emotions, by eliminating the root cause of self grasping.





In  2013, Land of Enlightened Wisdom commissioned stupa makers in Indonesia, to create the Stupa of Enlightenment. The stupa is made from local lava rock and made by local craftsman. The Stupa was shipped in a container across the ocean.  It was shipped in five sections: the throne, the four immeasureables, the bumpa,  the harmika and the spire,  and was assembled at the Pomona center. 



  Spire    Bumpa   Immeasurables  



  Harmika       Throne  






The monks, students and friends of Land of Enlightened Wisdom worked together to set the stupa on the foundation, one section at a time. Each section of the Stupa of Enlightenment  was then filled  with the mantras, tsa tsas, incense and precious substances in accordance with traditional specifications and tradition.









The Land of Enlightened Wisdom volunteers attended weekend workshops to make the tsa tsas and prepare the mantras with saffron before rolling them into the large cylinders that you see above. Before anything could start the land had to be prepared with a deep foundation in the earth as well as above. Video slideshows are attached to the above links.