Volunteers for Stupa Mantras and Tsas Tsas Workshops



The Land of Enlightened Wisdom volunteers attended weekend workshops to make the tsa tsas (small statues of dieties) in molds and later paint the tsa tsas with gold paint. Many mantras were needed to fill each section of the stupa. The sheets of mantras were scented with saffron and dried before rolling them into the large cylinders. Each mantra roll was wrapped with cloth and the name of the mantra written on the cloth. Each section of the stupa would be filled with specified mantras.





The land was prepared for the placement of the stupa by making a 3 foot deep foundation in the earth and a 2 foot high cement foundation. Monks, students and friends of the center planted trees and plants in the garden around the stupa. 

The stupa had been completed in Indonesia, it was shipped in a large container to Long Beach, California in five sections. After several days in the port, it was shipped by truck to the Pomona center and unloaded. The five sections of the stupa were placed on its cement foundation, one section at a time.  Blessing ceremonies were held before and after the stupa was erected. As each section was placed on the foundation, it was filled with mantras, tsa tsas, incense, and precious substances.