Bodhisattva's Way of Life



Oh Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and Gurus please listen


To what I now say from the depths of my heart. Just as all Buddhas of the past have developed The thought of Enlightenment, true Bodhichitta, Then practiced its stages of graded development Following the training for all Buddha’s sons, So may I too, for the sake of all beings, Develop Bodhichitta and follow the training Exactly as all Bodhisattvas have done


At this moment my life has become truly fruitful, For having attained an endowed human body, Today I have developed the true Buddha essence. Bodhichitta, and thus have become Buddha’s son.


Applying now only skilled means whatsoever, May I always accord what I do with this essence And follow the actions of all Buddha’s sons. May I never confuse with this pure faultless essence Any teachings that lack this enlightening thought.



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