Four Noble Truths and Sixteen Attributes


  The Truth of Suffering
    1.  Impermance     2. Suffering    3.  Emptiness     4.  Selflessness  
  The Truth of Origin
    1.  Cause     2. Sources       3.  Increasing     4.  Immediate Condition  
  The Truth of Cessation

1.  Cessation of Attachment     2. Pacification of Suffering   

3.  Long Lasting Peace               4.  Definite Freedom

  The Truth of Path
    1.  Path     2. Correctness   3.  Achievement     4.  Deliverance  

1. The Truth of Suffering


What is the object that is suitable to be known by awareness? 
There are two objects. 1. Impermanent: 2. Permanent: Mental Objects.

Impermanent objects are produced by causes and conditions. These are physical objects that we can see and are momentarily changing. They are the sensorial objects of the five sense faculties.

Permanent objects are mental creations. These are imaginations, mental concepts and mental creations that are not physical or visible by the eye and do not change by themselves.  Concepts, such as relationships, many and single, general and particular and verbal separation such as head and size of head.

The momentary changing of the impermanent suffering aggregates, created by karma and delusion is the truth of suffering.

What is the purpose of studying about the sensorial and mental objects?

The mind cannot be satisfied by the sensorial objects that can be seen, smelled, taste, heard or felt. These objects are pleasing for a short time and only distract us from our suffering momentarily. We begin to crave more not ever being satisfied.

It is through studying, one can get deeper into the profound knowledge of the reality or subtle phenomena, that the mind can be satisfied.  The closer the mind is to reality or the ways things really are, the happier the mind is. The further the mind is from the reality, the more suffering the mind has.

What must be studied to achieve the liberation?

The Four Noble Truths and the Sixteen attributes. We must use the mental concepts to change the mind through study.  Mind is liberating the mind.


What is the cause for the mind to feel uncomfortable or bound (tied up)?

This concrete appearance of the self-sufficient I, as an enitity separate from the aggregates or the same as the aggregates, is far from the reality.  The mind grasps onto this mental object as solid, concrete and real. This mental object does not match reality and creates a discomfort in the mind. Misconception fueled by attachment increases the afflictive emotions and suffering. 

The mind must be trained to see the appearing object as the mental concept that is created by the mind itself and superimposed upon the aggregates.

Because of Ignorance, the misconception of self-sufficient I, there is karma, because there is karma, there is a consciousness that carries all the seeds of karma.  The karma propels consciousness into the next life.

Karma and Delusion propel the aggregates into the state of  cyclic existence. Thus the physical body and mental aggregates are the Truth of Suffering.

Empty: The aggregates are empty of a permanent and self sufficient I. Permanent I cannot be one with the body, the body has beginning and end.  Permanent I cannot own the aggregates that are momentarily changed by karma and delusion.  I cannot exist independently,  inside or outside the aggregates. 

Based on aggregates and changes of aggregates, I can be imputed, I am walking, sitting, etc.

To go on the path, a practitioner must empty their mind of the strong habit of viewing a permanent I based on the 5 Aggregates.  The five aggregates are the physical body, feeling or sensation of the body, discrimination awareness, mental factors (ie. faith, attachment, jealousy, and anger), and consciousness.

Selflessness:  Wisdom Realizing Emptiness is the path as it leads to the end suffering and karma and afflictive emotions. Understanding that cherishing others is best way to create your own happiness and cherish yourself.  Combining the realization of emptiness with the great compassion is the balanced approached to developing the ultimate freedom.

2.  The Truth of Origin

Cause: Misconception and Attachment are the source of suffering. 

The misconception of the way the I exists is the main cause of suffering.  Seeing the I as a solid, self sufficient entity separate from the impermanent aggregates, makes one feel defensive and protective of the self. When misconception is fueled by attachment, it generates a selfish mind, that ignores the happiness of others.

Sources: Attachment is the source or origin of all other mental afflictions, such as anger, jealousy, envy, belligerence, etc.

Increasing: The stronger the cause is, the stronger  the result will arise.

Immediate Condition: Attachment

Renunciation of cycle existence for one's self and compassion for all sentient being to be freed from cyclic existence can become an strong wish and aspiration that arises from the understanding the Truth of Suffering and Origin.

3.  The Truth of Cessation

Cessation of Attachment and Afflictive Emotions is a possibility because of the impermanence of the aggregates and the law of causes and conditions. This suffering body should have limitation, as the cause of suffering has an antidote.

Pacification of Suffering: The suffering body is due to afflictive emotions, afflictive emotions are expression of the karma.  There should be an end to the suffering body, because there is the pacification of suffering.

Long Lasting Peace (Excellenct Quality of Mind): This is the result of the cessation of afflictive emotions.

Definite Freedom: Freedom to live life without the obstacles caused by karma and the deluded mind.

4.  The Truth of Path

Path: Wisdom Realizing Emptiness is the path which leads to end of suffering born from karma and afflictive emotions.  We must ask if there is any way for us to train the mind to find the condition and path that will lead to a sustainable state of happiness. Faith and conviction through study, logic and meditative analysis are powerful ways to train the mind to be calm and peaceful.

Correctness: Rigpa is founded on valid reasoning but is not yet stable.

Achievement: What is the knowledge that we must achieve that leads to a sustainable  happiness?





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