Class Descriptions


The Great Commentary to Nagarjuna's Root of the Middle Way
Mabaj Jangchub Tsondru's Commentary on Nagarjuna's Text
Wednesday and Fridays at 4:30pm


Geshe Tenzin Sherap presents the third teaching of the Middle Way School at Land of Enlightened Wisdom.This course began on Wednesday, December 02, 2020 and will be ongoing until the 27 Chapters have been presented.

The Middle Way is one the higher schools of thought consisting of two sub schools: Svatantrika and Prasangika. 

According to Tibetan Buddhism, Prasangikas are the highest authority on the nature of reality. Arya Nagarjuna and Acharya Chandrakirti are the greatest authority figures elucidating the Prasangika Madhyamika School of Thought.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama writes,"Nagarjuna's Root of the Middle Way" presents a clear, firm philosophical thesis with respect to things' lacking true existence. It argues that just as sentient beings are devoid of innate existence, so are all Buddhas, the cycle of existence, and the tranquility of nirvana. Such assertions are a great source of inspiration, for they suggest that each of us has the opportunity to scale the greatest spiritual heights, provided we tread on the right path."


Text: The Ornament of Reason - The Great Commentary to Nagarjuna's Root of the Middle Way by Mabja Jangchub Tsondru. Translated by The Dharmachakra Translation Committee.  The kindle text can be purchased from Amazon



An Exposition of Candrakirti's Entering the Middle Way
Lama Tsongkapha's Commentary on Candrakirti's Text
Sundays at 2:00pm


Geshe Tenzin Sherap began teaching a new Sunday class, "Candrakirti's Entering The Middle Way" on August 22, 2021 at 2:00pm.

Candrakirt's 7th century classic was written as a supplement to Nagarjuna's Root of the Middle Way.

This text integrates the central insight of Nagarjuna's thought - the rejection of any metaphysical notion of intrinsic existence- with the well-known Mahayana framework of the ten levels of the bodhisattva.


"Illuminating the Intent" is Lama Tsongkaphas's renowned commentary on Chandrakirti's Entering the Middle Way. Composed in 1418, Lama Tsongkapha set forth the meaning of emptiness in the context of bohisattva's ten perfections.

Text: "Illumnating the Intent - An Exposition of Candrakirti's Entering the Middle Way". Translated by Thupten Jinpa. The text can be purchased from Wisdom Publication and Amazon