Chapter Nineteen: Analysis of Time



If the present and the future
Depend on the past,
The present and the future
Exist in the past.  [19.1]
If the present and the future
Do not exist in the past,
How can the present and future
Be dependent on it?  [19.2]
If the two do not depend on the past,
Then they are not established.
The present and future
Therefore, do not exist.  [19.3]
By these very same steps, the other two,
The supreme, the middling, and the inferior,
and so forth;
As well as singularity and so on.
Can also be understood.   [19.4]
A time that does not endure is not apprehended,
Since a time apprehended as enduring
Does not exist, how can one speak
Of a time that is not apprehended?  [19.5]
If time is based on entities,
And there are none, how could there be time?
When there are no entities at all,
How could there be any time?  [19.6]                     <- Prev   Next -> 


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