Chapter Twelve: Refuting Wrong Views


An unprejudiced, intelligent and interested

Listener is called a vessel.

Neither the teacher’s nor the student’s

Good qualities will be taken as faults. [12.276]


He explained existence and its causes,

The means to peace and peace itself.

What people do not understand

Is seen as the Subduer’s [fault]. [12.277]


These strange people all agree that by

Giving up everything one attains nirvana.

For what reason do they dislike

That which puts an end to all? [12.278]


How will one who does not know

The means to give it up, do so?

Certainly, therefore, the Subduer said

There is no peace in any other [teaching]. [12.279]


Whoever doubts what the Buddha said

About that which is hidden

Should rely on emptiness

And gain conviction in him alone. [12.280]


Those who find it hard to see

This world are ignorant of others.

Those who follow them will be

Misled for a very long time. [12.281]


The unwise take no delight in letting

Their mind follow a guide

Who has done that which is

Most difficult-- attained nirvana. [12.282]


When it is not see, fear does not begin.

When seen, it stops completely.

Thus one can say with certainty:

Those who know a little are afraid. [12.283]


Childish beings are certainly only

Familiar with that which involves them.

Because of unfamiliarity

They fear that which extricates them. [12.284]


If someone who is shrouded in

Complete ignorance and impedes suchness

Will not even attain good fortune,

What need to mention liberation? [12.285]


Lapsing from ethics is preferable

To lapsing from the view.

Through ethics one gains a high rebirth;

The supreme state is reached by means of the view. [12.286]


For the unreceptive, conceptions of a self are best;

To teach them selflessness is not.

They would go to bad rebirths,

While the extraordinary attain peace. [12.287]


There is no other door to peace,

And it destroys wrong views.

That which is the object of

All Buddhas is called selflessness. [12.288]


The unreceptive are terrified

Just by its very name.

What so-called strong man is seen

Who does not frighten the weak? [12.289]


This principle is not taught

By Tathagatas for the sake of debate,

Yet it burns up others’ contentions

As fire does its fuel. [12.290]


Whoever knows this teaching

Will not relish others.

Thus to me this teaching seems

Like the door to destruction. [12.291]


From those who think there is

In reality no self and abide in this thought,

How will existence cause pleasure

Or non-existence cause fear? [12.292]


Seeing the many Forders

Who are seeds of futility,

Who would not feel pity

For people who long for a teaching? [12.293]


The teaching of the Sakyas,

Nirgranthas and Brahmins are perceived

By the mind, the eyes and the ears.

Thus the Subduer’s teaching is subtle. [12.294]


Brahmin practices are said

Mainly to be an outward show.

The practices of Nirgranthas

Are said to be mainly stultifying. [12.295]


Brahmins are revered

Because they adopt the orthodox.

Nirgranthats are pitied

Because they adopt the deluded. [12.296]


Suffering is a maturation

And thus is not virtuous.

Similarly, birth too is not virtuous,

Being a maturation of actions. [12.297]


In brief Tathagatas explain

Virtue as non-violence

And emptiness as nirvana ---

Here there are only these two. [12.298]


To ordinary people their own position,

Like their birthplace, is attractive,

Why would you find attractive

That which precludes it? [12.299]


The intelligent who seek what is good

Adopt what is worthwhile even from others.

Does the sun not belong to all

On earth who have sight? [12.300]




Become a proper vessel for good explanation
And learned in the non-inherent existence of dependent-arising.
The final object of the path that severs worldly existence.
The understanding of which frees from attachment to extreme views.


This is the twelfth chapter of the Four Hundred on the Yogic Deeds, showing how to meditate on refuting views.



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