Chapter Twenty-Six: Analysis of Dependent Origination


Due to the obscuration of ignorance, there occurs, directed at rebirth
The conditioning of the action
Of the three types of formation.
Thus, there is migration between the realms. [26.1]

Consciousness, conditioned by formation,
Enters the realms.
Once consciousness has entered,
Name and form will manifest. [26.2]

When name and form have manifested,
The six sense sources will develop.
Dependent on the six sense sources,
Contact comes into being. [26.3]

It arises exclusively in dependence
On eye, form, and consciousness.
Thus, dependent on eye and form,
Consciousness will occur. [26.4]

Contact is the meeting
Of eye, form, and consciousness.
Out of this meeting
Arises sensation. [26.5]

Conditioned by sensation, there is craving,
Craving with respect to sensation.
When there is craving, there will be grasping,
Grasping in the fourfold way. [26.6]

Grasping will initiate
The becoming of the grasper.
Absence of grasping will result
In liberation free from becoming. [26.7]

Becoming is the five aggregates.
From becoming follows birth,
Aging and death, grief,
Lamentation, pain, [26.8]

Mental unrest, disturbance--
All of this occurs due to birth.
Thus arises this mass
Of nothing but suffering. [26.9]

Formation is the root of cyclic existence,
Therefore, the wise do not form.
The agents of that are the unwise;
Not the wise, for they see reality [26.10]

When ignorance has ceased,
Formation does not arise either.
The cessation of ignorance is accomplished
By meditating on reality through insight. [26.11]

As each of them ceases,
None of them will occur,
Thus, this mass of nothing but suffering
Will actually come to an end. [26.12]             
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12 Links Of Dependent Origination
1.  Ignorance
2.  Karma
3.  Consciousness
4.  Name and Form
5.  Sense Sources
6.  Contact
7.  Feelings
8.  Craving
9.  Grasping
10. Becoming
11.  Birth
12. Aging, Sickness and Death
First Noble Truth
The Truth of Suffering
The Four Attributes
1.   Impermanence
2.  Conditional Suffering
3.  Emptiness
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