Chapter Ten: Analysis of Fire and Fuel

If fuel were the same as fire,
Then agent and object would be the same.
If fire were different from fuel,
Then it would burn even without it. [10.1]

Fire would burn forever,
It would not arise from what causes it to burn,
Trying to light it would be pointless,
And it would not relate to any object. [10.2]

Because it would not depend on anything else,
It would not arise from what causes it to burn.
Because it would burn eternally,
Lighting it would be pointless. [10.3]

It may be thought that the fuel
Is that which is burning,
But if that is all that it is,
What is it that burns the fuel? [10.4]

If they are distinct, they do not touch;
If they do not touch, nothing is burned;
If nothing is burned, nothing dies out;
If nothing dies out, it will remain with its mark. [10.5]

Just as a woman touches a man
And a man touches a woman,
Fire can be different from fuel,
And yet still touch it. [10.6]

If fire and fuel,
Would exclude each other,
Fire would be different from fuel,
And so fire could touch fuel. [10.7]

If fire depends on fuel
And fuel depends on fire,
Of fire and fuel, the two dependents,
Which is established first? [10.8]

If fire depended on fuel,
An established fire would be reestablished,
And fuel would end up,
Existing without fire. [10.9]

If an entity is established in dependence,
And is itself depended on
By that upon which it depends,
What is established in dependence on what? [10.10]

How could an entity that is established in dependence
Depend on something when it is not established?
If it is said that it depends while established,
Its dependence does not make any sense. [10.11]

There is no fire that depends on fuel,
There is no fire that does not depend on fuel.
There is no fuel that depends on fire,
There is no fuel that does not depend on fire. [10.12]

Fire does not come from anything else,
Nor is there any fire in the fuel.
The rest about fuel has been explained
By what was, will be, and is being transversed. [10.13]

Fuel is not the same as fire,
Nor is there fire apart from fuel.
Fire does not possess fuel.
Fuel is not in fire, nor is fire in fuel. [10.14]

Through the treatment of fire and fuel,
The self and its appropriation,
Along with vases, woolen garments, and so forth,
Have all been explained without exception. [10.15]

Those who teach that self and entities
Are the same or different
I do not consider knowledgeable
About the meaning of the teachings. [10.16]              <- Prev   Next ->  


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