Chapter Thirteen: Analysis of the Conditioned

The Transcendent Conqueror has taught
That all deceptive phenomena are false.
All conditioned phenomena are deceptive,
And, therefore, they are false. [13.1]

If a phenomenon that is deceptive is also false,
Then what is it that deceives?
With this, Transcendence Conqueror
Has fully revealed emptiness. [13.2]

Things are devoid of essence
Because they are perceived to change.
There are no entities without essence
Because entities posses emptiness. [13.3]

If there is no essence,
To what does change pertain?
If there were essences,
How could there be change? [13.4]

Change is not in that itself,
Nor is it in something else,
Because the young do not age,
And because the aged do not age. [13.5]
If that itself changes,
Then milk itself is yogurt.
What, other than milk,
Would turn into yogurt? [13.6]
If there were a bit of something that is not empty,
There could be a bit of something that is empty.
As there is not a bit that is not empty,
How could there be anything that is empty? [13.7]
The Victorious Ones have taught emptiness
As a deliverance from all views.
For those whose view is emptiness, they teach,
Nothing can be accomplished. [13.8] .      <- Prev   Next -> 



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