Chapter Fourteen: Analysis of the Contact

The seen, sight, and the seer
Do not, either in pairs
Or as a group,
Ever come into contact. [14.1]
The same goes for desire, the desirous one,
And the object of desire, the other afflictions,
The remaining sense sources,
And for all such triads. [14.2]
Contact occurs between different things,
So because the seen and so forth
Do not exist as different things,
They do not come into contact. [14.3]
It is not only the seen and the rest
That do not differ from each other;
Wherever there is coexistence
There cannot reasonably be difference. [14.4]
That which is different differs in dependence on something else.
It does not differ without that different thing from which it differs.
Where something depends on something else,
The two cannot reasonably be different. [14.5]
If the different differed from something different,
It would be different even without anything different.
But nothing differs without something different,
And, hence, this is not the case. [14.6]
Difference does not exist in the different,
Nor does it exist in what is not different.
As difference as such does not exist,
Nothing is different and nothing is the same. [14.7]
Nothing comes into contact with itself,
Nor do different things come into contact.
Contacting, contacted, and contactor
Do not exist either. [14.8]       <- Prev   Next -> 




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