Butter Sculpture Workshop  -  September 2012



The Learn the Art of  Butter Sculpture workshop was taught by Tibetan Artist Yeshi Dorjee in Septeber 2012. Butter sculpture is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist art.  Butter sculptures are created by the monks and offered on the altars and shrines in the monastery.




Yeshi Dorjee-la demonstrated the techniques of creating a butter flower or "metog" in Tibetan. Students learned hands-on how to work with the butter and create one of these beautiful designs. Large bowls of cold water were used to cool off warm fingers as students learned to manipulate the butter mixture to create the different techniques of making flowers and other designs.




A special type of butter is combined with ghee, fat, wax and colored paint, which allow the butter sculpture to last for several years. Large bowls of cold water are used to cool off warm fingers and butter mixture.  Artist, Yeshi Dorjee made the Butter Sculptures tormas with 10 other monks, in Bodhgaya, India at the Kalachakra Initiation in 2012.